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Day and night, our 24/7 locksmith services are the best option if your door lock is not working. We will help you quickly with common door lock problems and locking mechanism issues. Get in touch and we’ll offer the best solutions in the shortest time.

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No matter what the issue is, Richmond Locksmith knows how to take care of you. Faulty moving parts, loose lock, faulty cylinder issues with the door knobs, we can help. Reach out now.

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Common Door Lock Problems

All common door lock problems can generate annoying issues in your day-to-day life and can ruin your schedule quickly. We are sure you don’t want to suffer because of an unpredicted lockout or a lock replacement that has been postponed. So, we are here to solve all your locksmithing problems. Here we are talking about anything major regarding locks, that can ruin your day. For example, jammed locks, broken uPVC locks and stiff mechanisms are some of the most common door lock problems. Also, faulty lock cylinders or broken keys stuck inside locks are pretty common.

No worries, our Locksmith London can help you maintain or resolve the security issues that can disturb your everyday life. Our fast local locksmith in Richmond can resolve any door lock problem. Get in touch anytime you need help unlocking a locked door, a bolt, hinges, a mechanism or a new lock. We can offer help for your front door or internal door lock that doesn’t close properly. Get professional help around the clock. We can solve any of your door lock problems in minutes.


A Common Problem: Sticky Locks

If your locks are sticky, Richmond Locksmith has the solution for this lock problem. Reasons such as weather variations, high humidity, lack of lubrication or dirt and debris deposits are pretty common when it comes to sticky locks. Ageing lock components are also a common cause of sticky locks.

The unlocking of a door can become a frustrating experience when dealing with a sticky lock, but it happens every day. As a result, the key becomes difficult to turn or needs too much force. Fortunately, regular maintenance can often solve a sticky lock or potential internal mechanism issues.

You can ensure that your locks function properly and that you have peace of mind knowing that your entry point is secure and easily accessible. Simply try using an appropriate lock lubricant and cleaning the lock regularly to avoid lock problems when it comes to the internal components.


Broken Keys Or Broken Locks

Of course, we have to include “broken keys” or “broken locks” issues when we are talking about the most common reasons for getting locked out. These door lock problems will usually cause further damage and might keep you outside because of the moving parts of the lock that are stuck.

For instance, if a key was stuck inside the lock and you managed to pull it out and break the lock, the problem might have been exacerbated already. In addition, it has an additional key that is inserted very specifically into the key lock. Depending on what broke it can be difficult for you to move any part of the door lock to correct it. No worries, key extraction kits are designed to help secure the removal of broken keys inside the lock or keypad and our locksmith can help you remove the broken part.

Therefore, anytime you feel your door lock is not working as it used to, get in touch with an expert and let him examine all the key pieces. If you are not managing to fix a door lock issue in time, this will ultimately cause issues with the locks and you can get stuck. We understand that a locked door stuck with a key is also an awful situation and you might need solutions fast. Don’t hesitate to call us for fast services. In around 30 minutes we can get there and sort out your broken key issue!


Stiff Or Jammed Door Locks and Latches ↗

Another irritating door lock problem could be the jammed lock or a stiff latch. When door handle turns are tough or key turns are getting stiffer – most times it’s a sign of a problem. So, because the door locks can get tough if left in place longer than normal, they will end up jamming. Therefore, keys can break into the lock pretty easily.

Don’t ignore the strong lock with issues. Unlike loose key components, the potential damage from ignoring faulty doors far outweighs the risk of not using them. Door frames can become stiff and then useless because the mechanism is filled with dirt. Get an expert to help you maintain or replace your door locks, depending on the situation. Solve your door lock problems with experts.


Lock Cylinder Keeps Turning

The reason for keys spinning in locks is often different depending on the locks and the type. It sometimes occurs when the internal system is detached thereby your turning force cannot affect the bolt. Alternatively, it is possible to get all the cylinders out of the way. It is easily identified and it’s not easy to identify the exact cause without locking – especially when you cannot open the gate.

Our emergency professional locksmith can determine if your key-spinning lock needs to be replaced or if he can repair it. Call us and let us handle your door lock problems fast.


Misaligned Door Lock

A misaligned door lock is one of the most common triggers of a door not locking. Your door may not lock correctly if there is an alignment issue with the hinges. The door itself, the strike plate, the locking bolt, the door hinges, the door’s position inside the door frame, or the lock itself may all be misaligned.

Problems With The Misaligned Door Locks

If the door lock misalignment is ignored, there is a big chance of having issues soon. Why risk compromising the entire security or the property? We are sure you want to extend the life of your door lock. This emphasises the need for prompt locksmith assistance to provide a complete solution.

This underlines how important it is to ask for assistance as soon as you can. Apart from adjusting misalignment, an experienced locksmith can detect and address underlying problems to ensure a secure locking system. Fixing misaligned door locks immediately boosts your doors’ long-term functionality and immediate security.


The Door Lock Won’t Turn ↗

There are many reasons why the door locks are not turning the way they should. Our experts are here to advise and offer fast practical solutions whenever you need them. So, when using the wrong key, for example, it is clear why the door lock won’t turn. But if it happens when using the right key, you should be looking for a local expert right away. Don’t hesitate to reach an expert if you find the door difficult to operate. A front door lock should always fit properly and work perfectly with no issues.

There are several reasons why the door won’t turn. For instance, it can be a poorly cut key that is making your lock operate strangely. Also, the UPVC door cylinders and euro cylinder doors can often have internal lock problems that stop you from turning the door lock easily. More than that, a faulty mortice lock (the type of lock found on a wooden door) or faulty bolts are likely causing a lock not to move. If the locking points are stuck, most commonly this means that you need a repair, a replacement or maybe an upgrade. Have a locksmith visit scheduled in the first place and wait for the diagnostic after a quick security test.

What To Do When A Lock Won’t Open? ↗

uPVC Door Lock Issues ↗

Although uPVC doors are recognised for their strength and security features, like any component, they could eventually experience problems. Damage to multipoint locks or gearbox failure are two frequent problems you might have.

Gearbox Failure or Multipoint Lock Damage ↗

uPVC Door Won’t Lock Even When Open

What Causes My uPVC Door To Not Lock Or Open? ↗

Faulty Internal Mechanisms ↗

What NOT to do with a uPVC Door Lock Problem ↗

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Whenever you require services, our qualified locksmiths are here to assist you. Asking an expert is always a better way than risking your safety while trying to solve the issue on your own.

Day and night, Richmond Locksmith is available for you. There is always a professional team of locksmiths at your disposal and they have the expertise to identify the problem quickly and operate on the spot. So, we can offer solutions for long-term issues when it comes to any door lock issues.